My editor at the Missourian would occasionally have an Post-It stuck somewhere in her office (somewhere could include her shirt) asking the timeless question:


That is, What Would Queen Latifah Do?

I happen to like Queen Latifah. I even watched that movie where she thinks she only has a few weeks to live. Of course, I was on a long flight back from Lithuania, and Mom asked me to watch it with her, and I can’t remember the name of it…

Anyway, when life throws you a curve ball, when you’re not sure where you’re going next or even where you are now, it’s not a bad idea to ask yourself, WWQLD?

One of my friends recently suggested that instead of looking for a job, I should just be a “lady of leisure.” She could really see me doing that, she said.

So of course I asked myself, WWQLD?

I don’t think she’d sit at home and eat bonbons. She’d be productive and creative. She’d do something good.

What would my friends do? The friend who suggested my leisurely lifestyle would become the next Arianna Huffington, more outraged and more glamorous. WWJAD? She would shoot controversial video for Arianna 2, possibly ending up on an Reporters Without Borders alert because she would stand trail for not revealing her sources. L would start a charity cycling tour in France to benefit homeless children.

WWJFD? Probably look for a job.

4 thoughts on “WWQLD?

  1. JF, I have to agree with your friend who suggested the “lady of leisure” concept. I always find that when I’m at peace with my life and have the time to sit quietly and ponder my day’s activities, I have this wellspring of creativity. I’m not sure where it comes from. Maybe when all the stress moves out of my brain neighborhood, the creative neurons take up residence to restore the place to it’s original luster.

    However, overall, stress tends to pay the rent better than those artsy fartsy neurons who let the pets run wild, let the proverbial cerebral dishes stack up and leave the brain candy wrappers spewn about the yard. But I guess that’s where old money and a trust fund fit in. Or in my case, NOT.

  2. Astute and generous speculations, JF. I’m a QL fan and will use her metaphysical guidance, per your suggestion, in the future. However, from one who lags FAR behind the rest in this particular area of progress, I am inspired by thinking what ARE J,L,G doing? No hypotheticals in this group. Now, that’s guidance I can really use!

  3. QL ROCKS! She’s my hero — along with F2, J, and G. I saw the Beautyshop movie … and liked it.

    In addition to QL, I find inspiration in the Food Network. From Giada to Paula to the Barefoot Contessa, I have added several pounds to my twins (the affectionate term Anne Lamont has for her thighs).

    Do I see little plastic bracelets in the future? WWQLD in purple, perhaps? (You know, it would be a brilliant fundraiser for those homeless French babes.)

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