Jesus sells movies

I felt I needed another cup of coffee for my Oscars hangover this morning after I read on the BBC that (supposedly) director James Cameron had found the tomb of Jesus.

Just couldn’t let Scorsese have his day in the sun, could he?

Jesus can sell a movie; Mel Gibson proved that. (So can Moses; Charlton Heston proved that.) James Cameron can sell a movie, too, and so far he’s done it without marketing assistance from Jesus. But maybe this “discovery” has Cameron seeing Hollywood’s brand of golden idols during the season when they are so obsequiously worshipped.

I suppose this shouldn’t be shocking when even Bible publishers use a milieu of marketing tools to sell the Good Book, according to a recent New Yorker article. Is anyone else tired of seeing religion used for such materialistic ends?

3 thoughts on “Jesus sells movies

  1. Isn’t the old adage, ” God Helps Those Who Sell Themselves”? Or do I have that wrong? In Hollywood, Journalism and elsewhere, this has never been more evident and more true.

    Cameron’s “discovery” wouldn’t be so groundbreaking and “controversial” if people could accept that they don’t know everything about our favorite Prophet (egads!) — and don’t need to. Jesus was supposed to be like Man, and as such, you’d think he made the most of the experience. The Message is the thing, and the details, well, they really don’t at this point, do they?

  2. That was supposed to be… Don’t they also SAY, “the devil is in the details?”

    Hmmm…was that the devil at work?!

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