Today — Second Life Twice

Today, Today did a segment on Second Life. The other day, Today did a segment on Second Life.

Seeing double?  Well, the only difference I could see is that this time, they made an Avatar (Second Life character) of Matt.

Next week, they’ll do a segment on Second Life. Maybe it will have an Avatar of Al.

2 thoughts on “Today — Second Life Twice

  1. Of course they did…because CNN did a special report on Second Life, 2 or so weeks ago.

    I’m of the mindset that everyone needs to GET a LIFE — especially Today Show producers who must be too overworked or too distracted by the viewer contest-turned-morning-show-version-of-“Survivor”, “Be A Today Show Anchor,” to have reported on the phenomenon a year ago!

    By the way, JF — how many Lifes are there from this one to the AfterLife? Are we to expect Third, Fourth and Fifth Lives before this fad is ov-ah!?

  2. We’re still watching for those third and fourth lives, witty, but I suspect they’ll come up again eventually. Today can’t let a pop culture phenomenon go by the wayside.

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