Monday’s “Today” — the cyst

Good Monday morning! Yesterday was a beautiful day in Colorado, warmer, achingly blue skies, and today promises to be even more gorgeous. And how did we start this lovely day? A cup of coffee, a bagel, and a 90-plus pound ovarian cyst on our television.

Okay, it is an interesting story, a medical anomaly, a cyst for the record books. They had to show it, because the visual impact was indisputable. But at 8 a.m., munching on our bagels, waiting for the java to sink in, did they have to keep showing it over and over? It was a huge red pod-thing out of Aliens, something Sigourney Weaver would attack with a futuristic flame thrower before the mother alien shows up to defend her unborn young.

Today, you did not pass the Cheerios test today. Or the bagel test.