Small town, small world

We hadn’t been back in Columbia an hour when we ran into someone I know from J-school at Walgreen’s.

It’s been nearly a year since we moved, but that doesn’t matter. Time stands still in Columbia. It definitely felt that way when we lived here. Sure, a few people will come in and out of your life. A downtown store closes, another opens. But when you’re here, it’s your world, and it’s a tiny, comfortable world.

This morning, we went to Uprise for breakfast, and of course, several people we know came through the door before we’d even had a chance to scarf our red pepper and egg croissants. We haven’t been here 12 hours, and we spent eight asleep.

It’s nice in a way, though. We don’t know many people in our new hometown. We can’t go anywhere and see that many people we know.

Then again, that’s refreshing, too.