Woman chases down attacker. On bike.

A story appeared on the front page of my paper today that I have to share.

A woman was riding her bike back from the post office with her baby in a carrier on her back when a man rode up next to her and grabbed her breast. Completely shocked, she wanted to kick him, but thought better of it. Instead, she followed him.

This is Boulder. If you violate a female cyclist in a ride-by-groping, you’d better be prepared to ride away fast, because she could be a pro racer or triathlete, or in this case, a woman who has ridden across America twice and can chase you down. With a baby on her back.

The woman pulled out her cell phone, dialed 911 and directed police to the groper. He was arrested.

The woman told the Daily Camera that chasing down her attacker was “empowering.”

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  1. This is a jewel. I daresay what the response would have been in the NY Metro area…where people are not as in good shape but the security is in overload.

    Surely some civil-rights-abusing videocam would have caught the heinous act on Jumbotron in Times Square!

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