Haiku writers

Copywriter Ken Grindall found me here and discovered that like him, I am a big fan of haiku. Yay interwebz connections, right? But this new connection served as a reminder that I haven’t haikued in some time. So here’s one to all of you writers like us who occasionally take a break from your usual writing style to bust out new words, strange punctuation, or a total lack of grammatical consideration via haiku:

paid by the word or

for the word, just want to use

‘kerfuffle’ somewhere

Haiku to Paco

Paco the iguana died. She was 14. Or maybe 15.

Aunt Robin took me out for dinner anywhere I wanted and then bought me anything I wanted (within reason) for my birthday every year when I was growing up. When I was 16, Aunt Robin bought me an iguana (not really within reason).

My cousin Jeff took Paco when I went off to college. Paco had her own room (yes, Paco turned out to be a girl) in his house. Paco was potty trained. Paco grew to be six feet long. Paco had the best life an iguana could have with Jeff, and her veterinarian had never seen an iguana live in captivity so long, a tribute to the care she received.

Paco was cremated, and someone took a bronze impression of one of her paws (claws?). Paco is gone, and she will be missed.

A haiku to Paco:

to the tropics in

the sky, my old lizard, good

thing you’re potty trained.