Incomplete reporting “Today”

Jenna Bush is all grown up now and has a book coming out about an HIV-positive woman in Panama.

Is this image control, publicity for the former party girl who embarrassed the president (as if he needed any help)? Today asked a book publisher — it was unclear whether this was her publisher or a randomly selected publisher — if this was the case, and the publisher responded no, of course not, Jenna Bush has genuinely grown up and written a serious book.

But was this her publisher?

On a side note, a Denver TV station caught the rescue of a dog that had fallen through ice on video. This happens a lot out here, people and dogs, sometimes both, fall through the ice of a pond, lake or reservoir. But there was video of this one, so “Today” had a live interview with the dog owner, her happy pooch and the firefighter who rescued Fido.

We couldn’t figure out what the big deal was, and neither could the firefighter. He kept insisting that it wasn’t that dangerous, that they regularly train for this kind of rescue.

But weren’t you risking your life? Ann asked him.

“Look, he has a special suit and a rope tied to him,” Jeremy said.

“No, it’s really not that dangerous for us,” the firefighter insisted.

(I don’t want to negate the firefighter’s role here, because they do put their lives on the line on a daily basis for, oh, people who can’t control their dogs, which requires them to be incredibly brave AND incredibly patient and understanding.)

Minutes after the segment ended, I opened up our Daily Camera and found a picture of a woman hugging and kissing her blanket-wrapped golden retriever. The caption read:

“Emily Raymond, 24, of Boulder, kisses Sam, a golden retriever and one of three dogs who fell through the ice around the edge of Boulder Reservoir on Tuesday.”

Another dog owner fell through trying to save one of the other three dogs. A fellow dog walker with a Jeep and a tow rope saved her.

Of course, there were no pictures of the civilian rescue, just the happy-ending shots. Will Jeep guy be on the Today Show? Doubt it.