One hour of pain, spread around

Yesterday morning, Mr. Fields and I arrived at the Boulder Rock Club at 8 a.m. for something dubbed Group Training. We didn’t know what it entailed; when I inquired, I was told to just show up, no sign up necessary.

It turns out that Group Training is a solid hour of spreading pain and exhaustion into every corner of your body, including — despite this being your body — corners you didn’t know existed. This experiment in masochism is hosted by the BRC’s head coach, Chris Wall, who somehow manages to seem perfectly nice even as he pushes you through plyometric leaps, plank poses, and violent overhead throws of a medicine ball.

Today, I can’t raise my right arm above my shoulder without being reminded of the smiling bald man who put us through a climbing-inspired wringer. Nor can I straighten my left arm. Or walk without my calves seizing up.

In short, it was the best hour of conditioning I’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait to go back.

1 thought on “One hour of pain, spread around

  1. It should feel like jogngig or sprinting. The biggest lie they ever told you was that pedaling a bike requires some special technique you already know how to stand and pedal a bike because you already know how to jog or run. Powering lower body movement doesn’t change because you sit down on a bike. When you stand up get tall and drive your feet into the pedals and you’ll do fine. The best drill I have is to have you run a short sprint and then get on your bike and sprint the same way on it. Hope this helps May 10 at 6:26 am

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