Going Green, the American Way

Australians are picking up on a way of getting things done that we here in the U.S. know rather well. From Australia’s Business Day:

“Companies could face class actions from shareholders unless the companies adequately report the risks that climate change poses to their businesses.

While climate change-related litigation has been confined to planning in Australia, class actions against regulatory authorities have been taken up in the US.”

That’s right — sue. The Great Barrier Reef isn’t going to save itself, mates. (At least, not for a very long time.) Stockholders, your companies aren’t going to stop polluting just because you ask them to, or because of some expensive regulations, or because the CEO thought the Outback looked so beautiful in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert that he thought, hey, let’s protect it! (Choose your own Australian cliche and insert here.)

Litigation. It’s the American Way.