Great things about blizzards

Yep, we’re having a blizzard here in Colorado today. But there are a few really great things about my situation:
– I’m a freelancer, so I’m already hunkered down at work. I didn’t have to debate whether to go in to the office this morning (when it was reasonable to consider leaving the house).
– We’re gear junkies, so we have plenty of gear for dealing with snow–warm clothes, crampons, snowshoes, goggles. I’m considering skiing over to my local pizza place for dinner, if they’re open. Considering the wind, I should probably wear my helmet.
– Yes, cornices are forming on my roof, and the wind is piling snow onto my front walk at an alarming rate. But we have a regular old snow shovel, plus the tiny ones you can carry on a backpack.
– The internet is alive and well, and so is the heat. If things go south with our modern comforts, we have a camp stove.
– Temps are supposed to be back in the 50s this weekend, so I’ll be able to leave the house and drive to the mountains to ski (beyond my pizza place).

– A snow day is a perfect day to stay home and write. If you’re not busy skiing for pizza.