New! Extra-strength Non-binding Resolutions!

With New! Extra-strength Non-binding Resolutions, your congress will have even less control over world affairs!

Just think — you can watch your representatives work more (five days a week!) and accomplish less!

All New! Extra-strength Non-binding Resolutions are made with real bits of lobbyists, so you know they’re good.

But hurry. If you order now, you can get a free 22-month supply of Attack Ad Max! There’s no better way to hear both votes and quotes taken out of context during a presidential campaign.

But wait. If you act in the next 10 minutes, we’ll deliver a pre-programmed ConservaVote Ultra e-Voting machine right to your door! At no charge! That’s an Extra-strength Non-binding Resolution, a 22-month supply of Attack Ad Max and a ConservaVote Ultra machine delievered right to your door for free!

*New! Extra-strength Non-binding Resolutions is a registered trademark of the Democratic Majority.

**ConservaVote Ultra is endorsed by the State of Florida

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