Today, you had me at hello (Tom)

The Today Show had a brief shining moment of real news and real interviewing this morning. Tom Brokaw stepped in to interview George Tenet about his new book and the accusations therein.

Matt was somewhere else in the world, and I suppose neither Meredith nor Ann nor Al could be trusted to give Tenet an interview worth his or our time. Brokaw was great, of course, but the sad thing is that we were actually stunned to have to think hard and process hard news on our usually easy-to-digest diet of watered down, mushy-and-sugary-as-Quaker-Instant-Oatmeal morning news.

Thank you, Tom Brokaw. You had us at hello.

1 thought on “Today, you had me at hello (Tom)

  1. I love your Today Show rants. I’d REALLY like to know what you think of The View, and particularly conservative host Elizabeth Hasselback. Right now she is defending every step the Bush Administration took leading up to the Iraq War….

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